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Artikel-Nr.: B-A1E
Answers Part I is at once Mother Meera's own answers to the questions devotees have put to her over many years concerning her identity, her work, and her way, and an account of the working of the Divine Mother in the world. 
ISBN 0-9622973-3-X          Language:  gb  English
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Artikel-Nr.: B-A2E
In Answers Part II we see Her full awareness of the world, Her understanding of the difficulties and sufferings and most practical solutions for the problems of everyday life, of different relationships, family life, work and also the spiritual life. We see Her Love for humanity, Her intense interest in the material and worldly welfare of people.
ISBN 398054755-8           Language:  gb  English
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Artikel-Nr.: B-108TOUR
"Not everybody can come to Germany". This was Mother Meera's gracious response when asked, why she started travelling to give Darshan. Since then Mother has travelled to many different cities, countries and continents, reaching out to give her silent bestowal of Light and Grace to people all over the world. This book commemorates her gift of Darshan reaching 108 different locations, and offers photos and pearls of wisdom from those travels. The questions and experiences were contributed by many people, but for simplicity's sake they are all presented here as one voice.
ISBN 978-3-940881-28-1          Sprache:  gb  English
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Artikel-Nr.: B-LMME
Letters to Mother Meera from the years 2000 to 2004
Connection with the Divine
Many people write letters, send a fax or make a note in one of the guest books in the Darshan hall’s lobby. In these writings, people’s distress and desperation are expressed, but also their hope and confidence. With their full trust and devotion, they turn to the Mother, deeply feeling joy and gratitude, when they do recognize and experience the Divine help.
ISBN 978-3-940881-35-9          Sprache:  gb  English
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Artikel-Nr.: B-S1718
Mother Meera School 2017-2018, hundertfünzig Seiten voll mit sehr schönen Farbphoto-Aufnahmen in den Mutter Meera Schulen in Madanapalle  in Indien 2017-2018, in denen mehre tausend Indische Schüler unterrichtet werden. Photos zeigen: Studenten, Lehrer, Volontäre, Bauarbeiten und nicht zuletzt auch Mutter Meera im täglichen Leben in den Schulen. Begleitender Text in Englisch.
ISBN 9783940881427         Sprache:  gb  English
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Artikel-Nr.: B-ME
The Mother reports some experiences of Mother Meera, has a short question and answer section, and includes testimonies of devotees. 
ISBN 3-9805475-9-0         Sprache:  gb  English


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Artikel-Nr.: B-MGE
This slim hardback combines Mother's answers to new questions, beautiful accounts by devotees of their experiences with Mother, and photos from Mother's October 2010 tour. 
ISBN 978-3-940881-15-1          Language:  gb  English
10,00 *
Artikel-Nr.: B-MWME
...is a collection of personal experiences and stories of devotees during Mother Meera's North American tours. It is a different view of Mother Meera and offers readers a rare opportunity to see Her in Her everyday work and activities. It also shows how Her Infinite Grace and Love can and has changed lives. Book size is 4" x 6". 
ISBN 978-3-940881-19-9          Sprache:  gb  English
8,00 *
Artikel-Nr.: B-MMAV
Mother Meera Ashram Vidyalaya, hundertachtzig Seiten voll mit sehr schönen Farbphoto-Aufnahmen von Mutter Meeras 'Vidyalaya Ashram' mit der Mutter Meera Schule, in der mehr als 1000 Indische Schüler unterrichtet werden. Photos zeigen: Studenten, Volontäre, Bauarbeiten und nicht zuletzt auch die Ashram-Tiere :-). Begleitender Text in Englisch.
ISBN 9783940881298         Language:  gb  English
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Artikel-Nr.: B-LSE
Sonia Linebaugh visited Mother Meera for the first time in 1992 in search of spiritual light. Her understanding and appreciation of Mother's Light and silent lessons grow with the years. She writes: "We come to the feet of the silent Mother Meera full of the noise of the world and the noise of our minds. In Silence our lessons in living and light begin."
ISBN 978-3-9808015-4-6          Sprache:  gb  English
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